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Foodie Experiments in Oslo Again

I am not going to elaborate on each dish I ate while I was in Oslo, but pretty much quickly will summarize what I tried!  Compared to my earlier experience in Oslo during my last trip, this wasn’t as elaborate !

I was somehow obsessed with salads and that became pretty much my food everywhere I visited for the first few days.  I must have eaten salads in quite a few places – McD, Dolly Dimples, Peppes, Scandic, Cafe Cathedral, Wayne’s Coffee, and my office canteen too 😀

A standard continental breakfast everyday used to be my routine.  After a couple of days, it got boring, but then, it was still tasty and I loved what I ate.  Sausages, Scrambled Eggs, Baked Beans, Flavored Yoghurt, Croissant, Pancakes, Waffles, Coffee and more!

In between this monotonous cycle, I was invited to a dinner at my friend and colleague’s place.  Indian food, Red Wine, Indian Music, and needless to say, it was one of the best evenings of my entire stay in Oslo !

Once in a while when the boredom sets in, I try to visit this Srilankan Cafe, which has a touch of South-Indian food.  Dosa, Kothu Parotta, Biryani, Masala Tea and this takes me quite close to homeland, each time.

When you are really hungry, what better food than rice??? At least that’s my preference.
A chicken fried rice with some really spicy sauces that can make you feel the heat even when the outside temperature is -1….bliss!!
Enjoyed the Vietnamese/Asian food at Vietnam House restaurant, Oslo !

One of the days at work, we ordered a pizza from Dolly Dimples.  As I’ve said earlier, Peppes and Dolly Dimples are two big Pizza Chains in Norway. The Thai Sommer with chicken, cashews, served with coriander and lime is one of my favorite pizzas from here !

This is one of the very nice restaurants in Oslo – Bølgen & Moi Høvikodden.
This was a company-sponsored dinner 🙂  Otherwise, I would visit this place only for some special occasion as it is quite expensive.
It was a three-course meal, not sure of the exact names – On the menu was Mussel cream soup, a choice of Fish(special Cod called Skrei, caught in North of Norway) or Pork for Main-Course, and some Sorbet with wonderful flavors of Mango and coconut for dessert.
The usual story – told them I eat only Chicken and they made a Caesar salad with chicken for starter and a wonderful chicken main-course too.
My colleagues went with what was available on the menu!
A couple of beers along with food and it was a wonderful experience !
In case you wish to see the website, here it is – http://bolgenogmoi.no/

Almost ready to fly out of Oslo, had a beer and a Chicken Foccacia at the Aquavit Bar in Gardermoen.

With that my experiments come to an end this time and hopefully another visit to Oslo, and I will try more 🙂

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