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Sithiq Malaysian Parotta

Decided to eat out with a friend, and don’t know why, but felt like having some Parotta and Chicken. Immediately our options sort of converged to Malaysian Parotta and Orion in Madipakkam. Decided to go to Malaysian Parotta on the way to Keelkattalai.

This is a bigger and better outlet compared to the one near Ponniamman Koil bus stop. Heard from the guy that the one in Ponniamman Koil bus stop is closed as they wanted to project themselves as a decent restaurant with AC and all that and take away the ‘local’ tag that was prevalent. It was more a takeaway place anyways.
This one was fairly a decent place. I wouldn’t recommend it for a dining out with family, though there was nothing really wrong! It is ok with some friends. We settled into the AC room and ordered a Sithiq Special Chicken Parotta. There were two sizes, we ordered the small one. We knew it would take time, so till then, myself and my friend ordered a couple of Parottas and an Egg Omelette each. A chilli Chicken dry to go with the Parottas. Parottas were quite big, Omelette with extra eggs was quite big too. The gravy for the Parottas was just ok, but the one that came with the special Chicken Parotta was good. Asked more of that and ate up everything. Chilli Chicken was good too. Overall, except for the slightly-above-average gravy, no complaints with food.
Service was fairly good too. The bill came to Rs 480 for both of us. This I felt slightly pricey for an experience like this. Out of curiosity, I checked the bill and Chicken Parotta was 140, Chilli Chicken was 140 too, Two Parottas were Rs 120, Two Omelettes were Rs 60 and a water bottle was Rs 20 😛
Then realized that it was probably reasonable here in Chennai! 😉 I am so used to eating in Night Kadais in Trichy where you eat almost the same and pay half the value of this bill. Hence I was expecting it on those lines.
Anyway, decent food and that was all that mattered !

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