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Fusilli Reasons

I haven’t been eating out so much lately, and so have not been very actively blogging either ! Today myself and a friend had to meet someone in Kilpauk at 7PM and even before we started, I knew that eating out was inevitable, the timing was such. The first name that came to my mind was Fusilli Reasons because I’ve read really good things about the place in various food groups. Just to be doubly sure that I didn’t mix-up the name, checked the listing on Zomato and wow..4.5!!! That definitely pushed me to visit this place!

We reached there around 09:45PM and I was surprised that the place was even smaller than what I expected. Hardly three or four tables inside and two small tables outside. I’ve heard that this place is very popular amongst school and college students, and sure it was! There were quite a few of them at that time. Lucky to find a table, immediately managed to grab a seat as I was quite hungry. The menu was right over the counter, on the wall and it was simple and straight-forward. Just three or four items in each section. I decided the order in less than a minute. Same logic, One or two from each section πŸ™‚ As I entered, a pinkish-something on bread on one of the guy’s plates caught my attention. Immediately appended that to my wishlist πŸ˜€
Ordered Beetroot-Mayo and Corn & Spinach Garlic Bread, 2 Iced Tea, Nachos and a White Pasta! That’s it. As we took our seat, our order was served pretty quickly, in less than 5 minutes and I was very happy about it. A quick photo-shoot and then started to eat. Everything was yummy!!! Not the slightest complaint. Both the variants of Garlic Bread were good, and I liked the Beetroot-Mayo better. The color was an attraction, but couldn’t make out anything so beetroot-y about it anyways πŸ˜‰ Iced Tea was nice, served chilled. Nachos was good, and the white pasta was cheesy and yummy!
One thing worth mentioning was the plates in which they served the food – Areca (betel nut) leaf plates. They were damn sturdy and it was a pity that it was ‘use-and-throw’. Another thing also worth mentioning was the fork πŸ™‚ – very flimsy, and throughout the meal, there was an element of tension if the fork would break, though it didn’t happen!
Finally coming to the pricing, it was absolutely VFM, and probably that makes it so popular with the school kids. Pretty much same rates for all variants of a dish – 60 bucks for Garlic bread, 80 for Nachos, 30 for Iced Tea and 80 for Pasta. The total bill was Rs. 340 and it was absolutely worth it. Just curious that the rates on the wall added up exactly to the total on the bill. So I was wondering what happened to the other components in the bill – VAT, SC, ST etc. Probably the rates mentioned were inclusive of all this !
The only dampener of the whole evening was a lady and her husband, who most likely were the owners of the place. She could have waited for sometime until we finished the meal, but she chose not to! She was visibly unhappy with how the place was maintained and blasted the people working there in Hindi or probably Gujarati. We had to listen to that for more than five minutes and she even turned off the music πŸ™‚ So it was really loud for that small place. That was one thing that could have been avoided.
I’ll definitely visit the place next time I’m around Kilpauk, but will certainly hope that the owner is not around πŸ˜‰

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