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The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt

When star hotels put up unbelievably good offers, it is not that they are doing a charity event, they would have thought through it a thousand times! However, I felt The Flying Elephant in Park Hyatt could have been a little more careful in this case!

PENALTY (Rs1250 /- for Unlimited Domestic Beer) and FREE KICK (Rs2050/- for Unlimited imported beer) is what they announced as their offers for FIFA 2014 Final!
When we were there, they said it is applicable only during the match hours, Fair enough!! Wouldn’t expect to be served unlimited beer all day!
As we were way too early, we started with a beer tub – 6 KF beers for about Rs1400/-. It was wonderfully chilled beers.  Ordered Chilli Chicken, Fish n Chips, Chicken Satay and they were all tasty. We got butter-fried peanuts and cashews as complimentary snacks and that was nice !
By the time match started, we finished 2 beer tubs, so while we were discussing whether we should take the unlimited offer or just another beer tub, the waiter informed us that they are out of stock of domestic beer and only imported beer was available henceforth that was priced at Rs2300/- for 5 Hoegaarden beers. C’mmon OUT OF STOCK?!?!?! Really?!?!?
This also meant that one of the two offers they announced (PENALTY – Rs1250/- for Unlimited Domestic Beer) was NOT AVAILABLE ! This was right after the match started !
The difference of Rs800/- didn’t matter much, but I found this approach absolutely unimpressive! If the guy handling inventory in a Star hotel cannot foresee how many beers should be stocked up for an offer that is announced, he’s just not good enough! I can understand running out of beer or a specific brand at the very end of an event, this was RIGHT AT THE START !!
While the match progressed, we had another 2 beer tubs of Hoegaarden and during the match, the goody goody butter-fried nuts disappeared, it was just plain peanuts thereafter 🙂
But for these minor dampeners, we had a good time and left the place by around 3:45AM. Our favorite team Germany won the world cup and that mattered most to us compared to all these ‘minor’ non-availability issues and I am guessing that’s exactly what the hotel would have thought too !

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