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I have had a brief introduction with Namma Veetu Saapadu earlier in a CFG Showcase and have blogged about it here.  Since it was totally a seafood showcase, I did not taste their offering.  Namma Veetu Saapadu  recently celebrated their First Anniversary and Mr. Ramalingam Muthuswamy invited me to taste their Chicken gravy a.k.a Kozhi Kozhambu and offered to deliver it for lunch today.

He also sent a small portion of Fish Kola along with it.  This is a fish meat ball deep fried with bread crumbs, basically a cutlet.  I normally do not eat seafood, but my wife and kids do.  Mr. Ramalingam Muthuswamy insisted that I try a bit of it and assured me that I will not be able to make out that it is fish 🙂  The food was delivered piping hot, and in spite of being a gravy, there was no spillage and the boxes were neatly sealed with an adhesive tape.
Don’t remember when I last tasted fish, probably sometime when I was in college, along with my friends, about twenty years back.  I did try a piece of it today and it was really good ! I haven’t had fish that smelt so mildly ever.  I ate about half of one cutlet and my wife and kids finished the rest.  They loved it.  However, my son ate it a little late and then I could definitely make out it was fish!  Guess there was absolutely no smell of fish when hot.
As we opened the Kozhi Kozhambu, first thing that struck me was the oil.  I felt it was on the higher side.  It was a layer on the top and somehow I felt I should take it off with a spoon.  Not that I am a fitness freak, but I felt much better after doing so.  Now I felt the gravy looked the way it should.  It was inviting and the chicken pieces in it were soft and well-cooked.  Along with white rice, the kozhambu tasted wonderful ! I am not a big fan of chicken in gravy, but this was good.  I had two servings for lunch and a small portion for dinner along with Dosa 🙂
Coming to the pricing part, I have been a bit confused when I compare this with menu cards from restaurants.  Typically a gravy from a restaurant serves two and is priced accordingly. If you look at the menu from Namma Veetu Saapadu, the portions are generous and easily serves four.  So that is something you have to get used to while ordering from here.
I would certainly consider ordering from NVS for a suitable occasion when there is a get-together of non-veg lovers at home.  I am sure they will relish the food !

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