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Multicuisine Family Restaurant, Hotel SMS Grand Inn, Sathuvachari, Vellore

First impression is very important ! In case of restaurants, it is all the more important. We ended up at this place by accident. On the way from Bangalore to Chennai, we decided to have breakfast somewhere in Vellore. Saravana Bhavan was the first choice, but since it meant driving a few kilometres into the town, we decided to skip it. Next, we saw the board Ariyas, and it was bang on the highway. We decided to eat here, but to our misfortune, we climbed over a flyover and missed it. Still trying to get back to it, we went underneath the next flyover at Sathuvachari in an attempt to make a U-turn and spotted this place. Looked good from outside, and double-checked with a policeman and he also confirmed it was good.
As we entered, around 08:45AM, the place was empty. 🙂 The cashier who also multiplexed as a waiter was busy in his own world. No greeting, no welcome and we could barely make out if the restaurant was open for service. We almost made up our mind to walk out when the guy suddenly switched on the AC and the fan. 🙂 We thought we’ll give it a shot, still very skeptical about what we would get.
The first item we got was idly, it was just ok. However the chutneys were good. Next came Ghee Masala Dosa, and this was good. Slowly our confidence levels rose. Ordered Plain dosa, vada and ghee roast. All of them were tasty. As the board says, it is a multi-cuisine veg and non-veg restaurant. So this is not a typical vegetarian restaurant famous for morning breakfast. I was surprised that they could still make some real good stuff. As we were having breakfast, there were at least 4-5 tables that were occupied. Just thought for a minute, had this been the scene when we entered, we wouldn’t have so many conflicts whether or not to eat here 🙂
However have to mention that service sucks big time ! The all-in-all who was there at the cash counter got a piece of my mind after which things improved. Finally after a reasonably decent experience, ordered coffee and guess what!!! It came in a flask and was served in porcelain cup and saucer, typical room service stuff. This restaurant is attached to a hotel and that explains it. Just sipped it and didn’t feel like finishing it.
I wouldn’t personally recommend this place to anyone. 🙂 In case you lose your way, you can take a chance 🙂

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