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Sar v Sri

I have heard about Sar v Sri quite a few times on the Chennai Food Guide facebook group. Have been waiting to try it and what better time than today? We just returned from vacation and- there was too little time to make lunch at home. Too tired to go out again, we decided to order food. The first name that I remembered was Sar v Sri. I called up their mobile number +91-7373177444 around 1:00PM and placed an order for 1 North-Indian Meal, 2 South-Indian Meals, and a curd rice. I was told that it will be delivered in an hour. In the meantime, browsed through their facebook page and spotted a picture of their meals. I felt the quantity was less than what I had in my mind, so called up again and added another North-Indian Meal to my order.
It was already 2:20PM and food did not arrive. That’s when kids began to get a little restless and luckily in the next five minutes, I got a call from the person asking for directions. He almost reached and he was there in the next ten minutes. So, order well in advance so you don’t faint out of hunger before the food arrives 🙂
Now, the packing ! Wow, it was awesome. I literally felt guilty that I was throwing away the nice cardboard boxes. Awesome packing, fit for a gift pack 😛 The meal was well-sealed and zero spillage. It was perfect ! I remember one such experience of a Thali from Mast Kalandar and believe me, everyone in my family took turns to get the plastic wrapper off the thali. It was so damn hard that we were exhausted. Hoping that this doesn’t turn out to be another such experience, started to peel it off. Surprised that it came off so easily. Hats off to the packing.  A nice plastic spoon, and I don’t mean the cheap ones that bend when you eat 🙂 and a paper napkin inside the box was very thoughtful.
The food – Before I go into details, the food was good ! No doubt about it!
I felt the North-Indian Thali was better than the South-Indian. The reason I am saying this is because I felt the South-Indian food had a slightly different feel to it. 🙂 Sambhar was slightly sweet, Kaara Kozhambu tasted slightly different, but good. The poriyal was good, rasam was ok, could have had little more salt in it and Gulab jamun was very yummy ! Curd rice was very good, but would have liked it with less chillies. Extra rasam and Sambhar was provided in separate plastic covers sealed with a rubberband.  The kootu was very salty, and that was the only disappointment. The North-Indian meal was good overall. The onion bajji, sabzis, dal, jeera pulav everything was good. Got two chappathis, but it would have been nice if it was less oily. The curd rice that we ordered separately was good too ! Overall, the food was tasty.
I will certainly consider Sar v Sri when I have to order food again and will recommend it to my friends.  Back of my mind, I am still thinking if they can do away with such fancy packing and get the price down by about 10 or 20 rupees, it will truly be an unbeatable VFM.


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