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Saravana Bhavan

After a visit to the Exhibition at Island Grounds, we were quite delayed and it was around 10:30PM, we decided to go to Saravana Bhavan on R.K.Salai, as that was on our way without taking a big deviation.

As we entered, we were surprised to see how crowded it was at 10:30PM.  The security asked us if we wanted to eat in the car or in the restaurant, based on which they allow cars in their small parking lot.  We were asked to park on the road, right in front of the restaurant.

The restaurant was quite busy, but a few tables were vacant and we did not have problems finding a place.  Decided to go for South-Indian tiffin items as we wanted to be served quickly as kids were tired, sleepy and hungry.

Ordered Idly, Onion Dosa, Special Masala Dosa and Parotta to start with, and Chilli Parotta as the next order.   Somehow it came in a random order.  Since we were in no mood to question,  we started to eat as it came.  Special Masala Dosa was too crispy that you could only ‘break’ most of it and not ‘tear’ it.  Well, i like it either way, so no complaints.  Onion Dosa did not have podi smeared on it.  I am not getting into such minor details anyway, food was tasty overall.  Ordered Sambhar Idly after that and it was good too with generous amount of ghee floating on the top of Sambhar.  Ordered a falooda and cassata for desserts. Both were good.

Since it was really late, benefit of doubt to the waiters for a slight slack in service.  They were not quick, and it is understandable, not acceptable 😉  The young guys however were quick and seemed efficient.  The older ones were realllllllly slow.  I requested for a spoon and fork to eat the chilli parotta and the lady with the pink overcoat almost took about 10 minutes to get it.  As we finished, the waiters were actually very pleasant and talking to kids and all that.  So i think it is not worth pointing it as a complaint.

Overall, good tasty food.  Would certainly recommend this place.  In case of a slightly late dinner, this is a nice option.

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