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One of those lucky days when you get your pizza delivered in less than 20 minutes, piping hot ! Absolutely delicious.  

Somehow have always felt domino’s does a good job of delivering pizzas.  This can be due to our proximity to the outlet at Velachery.  So we have got hot pizzas most of the times we ordered unless it is a weekend, or a  busy festival day.

We have tried pizza republic and pizza corner too and both of them were not even close in delivery.  So Domino’s would be our first preference to order pizzas at home !

Ordered on February 2014


Domino’s has been one of our favorite ‘usual’ pizza places for quite sometime now.    Staying in Velachery, the nearest outlet used to be the one on Taramani Road, near TCS.  Now another one has opened much closer to Vijaya Nagar Bus stand.  However, not many times, we have visited an outlet.  It has mostly been home delivery.

One good thing about this place is you manage to get some offer or the other which makes it a reasonably ok price-wise.  In fact, on Wednesdays, there used to be a ‘Buy-One, Get-One’ offer and that used to be a real steal.  If you order a Large pizza worth around Rs. 500, you get another Large one for free.  Rest of the days, there are some coupon codes doing the rounds, like 25% off on the bill, 50% off on second pizza and so on.  So when you order for pizza to be delivered to your home, just ask the guy what offer is on.

One thing I did not like, is, many times I was not offered an ‘offer’ until I asked for it.  That felt a bit awkward.  If you don’t know about the offer stuff, you will end up paying more. If you know about it, you can get a deal !!! How cool is that ?!?! People pay for their ignorance :O

They have a decent app for Android and I have ordered many times with that.  It works up to an amount of Rs 2000 for Cash On Delivery.  Beyond that,  you have to  pay in advance.  That was pretty cool!

Again, overall it has been a pretty much pleasant experience.   However avoid ordering during festivals, holidays and they might take a while to deliver.   But on ‘slow’ days, there have been instances where I got my pizza in less than 20 minutes, piping hot, and it was no different than eating at their outlet!  We’d consider such days as lucky days 😛

Ordered on December 2013

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