Chennai Exhibition 2014

Visiting an exhibition is interesting each year, not because there is anything new, but because it gives you an opportunity to cherish simple things that you saw as a kid which you don’t get to see in posh shopping malls.

As you take a stroll, there are umpteen stalls to eat and drink from – cotton candy (panju mittaai), pop corn, Sugarcane juice,  hpmc apple juice stall, recently-popular flavored soda stalls, cauliflower pakoda stall with a neatly arranged row of chairs for customers to sit and eat, the most-famous Appalam and Molaga Bajji stalls and the chat stalls.  This is not an exhibition of culinary skills as in the street food festival ‘Masala Kart’ that you saw last year at the same place.  So don’t expect the taste to be out of the world.  In fact, most of them are good, and some of them like chat items are better avoided 🙂

You should give it a miss if you are a hygiene freak because you will not see people serving with plastic gloves and head caps.  So you have to put up with bare hands.  At most, to be safe, never drink anything other than bottled water.  That is one thing you can do from your side.

Other than food stalls, there are a lot of rides for both children and adults,  a lot of stalls selling everything under the sun – Eucalyptus Oil from the Nilgiris to Handicrafts and handlooms from Rajasthan, fancy stores, toys, and many many things.

The photo stall is a famous not-to-be-missed stall 🙂  Group photo, family photo, individual photo in a Calendar, key chain is something most of them try so that they have some kind of a souvenir of this outing.

The entry tickets are priced at Rs 15 for adults and Rs 10 for children, and every thing else is quite reasonably priced, though it is steadily increasing each year.  For majority of the population who cannot afford expensive malls and food courts where car parking costs a few hundred rupees, this is a complete entertainment that many families eagerly look forward to, months in advance.

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