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A recent visit to Sangeetha, Velachery after many months.  We were in a bit of a hurry, didn’t want to spend too much time for lunch, so stepped into the non-AC section on the ground floor. Unfortunately it was full and we decided to go to the AC restaurant upstairs.

We ordered 1 South-Indian Meal and 2 Quick Lunches.  The food came in reasonable time and tasted very good.  Absolutely no complaints, except for the tomato soup.  It was a little sour, and has been consistently like this, and so it is not a complaint for us anymore :).  The kootu and vaththa kozhamu were very tasty.  Overall, good tasty food.  The service was good too.

Visited December 2013

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This is another restaurant that is very very close to where we live. So if eating out, and eating Veg, this is the choice for our family. Have visited at least ten times in the last one year.

Car parking is on the road, but there are a couple of attendants who give directions as to where to park. Weekends is normally very crowded, but parking was not an issue so far.

There is a non-AC restaurant on the ground floor and AC fine-dining restaurant called “Veena” on the first floor. For breakfast, or a quick lunch, I would prefer the non-AC restaurant. If you want to spend some time for a good dinner, north-Indian cusine, I would go for their AC restaurant. Comfortable seating arrangement.

Food is good, tiffin items, or lunch thali in the gound floor is not worth complaining. In the first floor, we have experienced the starters to be unusually hot (too many chillies). They have a panneer Satay and that was very very hot once. Otherwise, food is pretty good. We have always had a good experience with food. Our kids normally like it a lot.
Tip: Do not order tiffin items like Dosa and Appam on the first floor, you will get it cold, but they try their best to get it warm, but dont manage to. Same with coffee. 🙂

Waiters are ok, reasonably concerned about customers. They take orders on iPod, and that looks a bit techie. But as long as you get your food, it doesnt matter whether they take orders on an iPod or a banana Leaf 🙂

overall, good decent place ! Recommended for a visit !

Visited September 2012

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