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During our stay at Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove, we ate twice in this restaurant, a dinner and a breakfast the following morning. Overall, the taste of each and every dish was wonderful, no complaints whatsoever. However, there are a few very minor incidents that were not-very-pleasant and probably could have been avoided.

I wouldn’t expect a used/stained table napkin in a 5* property, for that matter, anywhere. The table mat and the glass mat had a stain too. Obviously the table hadn’t been cleaned properly. When we pointed it out, the waiter apologised and replaced it with another one. Okay, we could ignore it as oversight, but in places like these, they should be doubly careful isn’t it?
The next morning, we came in very late for breakfast, around 10:40AM, after completing all children’s activities like fish-feeding, tattoo-painting and so on. I was told the buffet is going to close in ten minutes. Normally it is until 10:30AM, and being Christmas, it was open for a little longer. Since the buffet was anyway not included in my room-rate, I wasn’t too keen, instead, I was thinking of going à la carte. It took me a while to get this information, get a table and settle down for à la carte, until the manager or someone in-charge came and explained this to us. The waiters looked completely lost, probably unsure of what or how to say the buffet was closing. We were not seated yet, but a couple of waiters asked us if we wanted Masala Dosa 🙂 and that the buffet was closing !!! I understood they were only trying to help to ensure we didn’t miss anything 🙂
We ordered a few items and wanted just one of them changed to another (while the waiter was still at our table taking orders) and he confirmed it, but we got the wrong item. Again, he was apologetic and requested us to have it, while he would bring the correct item soon. It was nice that he did not charge us for it, but I would expect him to be a little more careful with the orders. Again, probably one off-incident.
Now the food 🙂

For dinner, we ordered fish filets in the kid’s menu, Nasi Goreng and Pan fried Paneer.  All the three dishes were tasty and with a nice flavor.  We ordered a butterscotch tart with caramel sauce and icecream, that was wonderful too.

During breakfast, Eggs to order was the best dish in terms of portion size and taste. It had chicken sausages, potato wedges, Egg Omlette/Scrambled Egg with 2 toasted bread slices. Chicken keema dosa was very tasty with a generous amount of keema inside. The coconut chutney was absolutely fresh and yummy. Waffles was just ok, not so great. Aloo Paratha and Gobi paratha were good, but for the same price as the other dishes mentioned earlier, it was less in quantity, could have been at least two parathas in a plate, it was just one and it disappeared in a jiffy :). Fresh fruits was good, but again too little.
The food, as I had mentioned earlier, was very tasty!

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