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Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai, Thuraipakkam

As our first choice Thalaserry Corner Thattukada didn’t materialize, because it was closed, myself and a friend decided to head towards OMR to check out some nice place to have dinner. It was quite late in the night, around 10:30PM and unfortunately most of the places were in the shutting-down mode. Quite disappointed, we headed back towards Velachery, and thats when we spotted the bright, welcoming, busy place in Thuraipakkam – Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai.  We were delighted to say the least!

Already a fan of their food after few nice experiences at their T Nagar restaurant, we were more than happy to step in ! The place was brightly lit, spacious and looked very good. Quite a few tables occupied at that time, the waiters were busy shuttling back and forth from the kitchen to the tables, it definitely didn’t look like they were in the shutting-down mode. Since we were familiar with the menu, immediately we decided what we were going to have !
We Ordered Salna Parotta, Egg Kothu Parotta, Pichi Potta Naattu Kozhi Fry, Omelette, Kalakki, and 2 pcs of parotta. I’m a big fan of the free Salna that they serve here. Absolutely yummy, and from my earlier experience, I’ve seen that they have never been stingy with that. Always there’s a generous quantity on the table. We’re not new to eating parottas, the first thing we would do is shred it into small pieces and pour generous amounts of salna over it. When someone has already done that for you, why not, was the thought behind ordering Salna Parotta. It was basically 4 parottas, shred into pieces and pre-soaked in their salna. It was good and we liked it. Just that you do not have control over how much Salna you want to mix, and if you like the parotta a bit crunchy and not too soggy, you shouldn’t be ordering this one. We finished it in no time. While our egg kothu parotta was yet to come, we ordered a single piece of parotta each, and that was good too. Omelette and Kalakki came next, surprisingly the textures were changed 🙂 Omelette was a bit runny and Kalakki was more solid. We didn’t mind it at that time of the night, but in my mind, I thought they should have got this right! Pichi Potta Naattu Kozhi Fry was awesome, it has always been slighty high on salt, as if sprinkled at the end, but tasted yummy! Quantity is a bit less, but that’s how it is. Finally Egg Kothu Parotta arrived and the waiter served us a special Salna with it. This was even better, color-wise and taste-wise.
Overall, at that time of the night, we couldn’t have asked for a better dinner and we loved everything we ate! Its a blessing to the IT Folks who travel around that place, late in the night and for the afternoon team lunches. Had a brief chat with the person at the counter and he said he was quite happy with the way things are going so far, and they seemed to be doing well. Wish this place only gets better and better in the coming days!
Paid 470 bucks for what we ate and it was absolutely worth it! Now that I don’t have to travel all the way to T Nagar, this is a place I would frequent !

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