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Prems Graama Bhojanam

I wouldn’t like to call this a review, its just my humble attempt to let people know what they are missing, in case they haven’t visited Prems Graama Bhojanam yet! First of all, I have visited this place quite a few times and I’m no stranger to the yummy food that this place serves. This visit was specifically to bring my family along. This has been on my list for quite sometime and today we managed to tick it off!

As soon as we entered, we met Mr. Krishnamoorthy, with his ever pleasant welcoming smile. During the entire time we were there, Mr. Krishnamoorthy and his daughter were around to take care of us. The dinner couldn’t have been any beter ! In fact, since we wanted to taste a bit of everything, he ordered what we were going to have πŸ™‚ and it was just perfect !
– 3 Mini Tiffins – This was basically one benne dosa, half thattu idli and 2 Kuzhi paniyaarams in a plate.
– 1 Mini Oothappam – Three types of Oothappam – Ragi, green gram(pesarattu) and not too sure of what the third one was.
– 1 Mini Roti – 2 types of roti made with Kambu and Cholam.
Even before we started to eat these, we got the tasting portions for Sambhar Rice and Rasam Rice that is served as a part of the meals for lunch. Brilliant, just the way I remember it during my previous visits ! Sambhar Rice made of Thinai and Rasam Rice made of Kuthirai-vali. All of us loved it!
Thatte Idli was soft like a sponge. Yummy and a nice texture.
Benne Dosa is not the thick crispy Mysore/Bangalore types, but more like a thick butter dosa, tasted very good.
Special mention to the amazingly crisp Kuzhi paniyaaram, it was awesome! Together with the two chutneys and sambhar and the kaara kozhambu, it was yummy! I love the peanut chutney served here, very common in Andhra. While we were gorging on these, we were served cold paanakam, which was soothing. Kids loved it and got couple of more glasses.
Mini Oothappams were good too, each one distinctly different in taste. Kambu roti was okayish because the other roti made of Cholam completely overshadowed it. It was wonderful!
At the risk of sounding repetitive, I have to mention you cannot get food any fresher than this, straight from the tava, hot hot stuff on your plate, all of them made to order!
Finished with a glass of Sukku Coffee.
Finally we were going to get a surprise sweet πŸ™‚ and waited for few minutes while it was freshly made ! Thinai Rava Pineapple Kesari – yummy is an understatement. No sugar, just jaggery used and small pineapple chunks in it, tasted wonderful and it was a fitting end to a wonderful dinner. In fact, I should say it felt as if we ate at a relative’s place and not in a restaurant. πŸ™‚
Amidst all this wonderful food, forgot to mention that the water here is nothing less than temple theertham. With a little bit of cardamom and camphor, it tastes divine. That’s also different here.
We were billed just for the three items and paid 525 bucks in all and was definitely VFM ! I would certainly keep visiting again introducing more people to this yummy food !
If you liked what you just read,  feel free to share and recommend ! πŸ™‚
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