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H2H – Health to Happiness – Millet Meals from A2B

A lunch-meeting with a couple of foodie friends.  After seeing a recent post of the Millet meals from A2B in a food group,  we decided to check it out.

As planned, we met at A2B Velachery at 12:45PM and readily settled down and ordered Millet Meals for the three of us. They seem to have some tiffin items for dinner, but meals is all that they had for lunch.
It was served in about 10 minutes and that was fine ! The first look, it looked quite elaborate. For the first time in A2B, I have come across a really polite, well-informed waiter who readily explained what the dishes were. Of course he didn’t know one or two dishes and he said he would check and revert. That’s perfectly fne !
Coming to the food, these were the items on the plate, you can see the quantity from the pic –
Thulasi water
Kollu(HorseGram) soup
Fruit Salad
Sprouts Salad
vaazhai poo vadai
Peanut thovayal
Ragi Kali(ball) in raw onion/tomato gravy
Thinai Chakkara Pongal
Saamai Sambhar Sadham
Kuthiraivali Rasam Sadham
Varagu Arisi Coriander rice
Saamai Thayir Sadham
Koththavaranga vaththal
Good stuff first – Vaazhaipoo vadai was awesome with the peanut thovayal, both salads were good, keerai was tasty, Sambhar, Rasam and Thayir sadham were good, Chakkarai Pongal was good.
What could have been better – Thulasi water was a bit too strong, Kollu soup was served at room temperature and lacked salt and flavor, The raw onion and tomato gravy for the Ragi Kali was not to my liking, would have liked some kaara kozhambu types with it, Varagu Arisi Malli Sadham was a bit dry and could have had more flavor and salt too, Vadam was not the best I’ve had and vaththal was not even close to crisp, was average!
Otherwise, overall the food was good! Its a pity that they haven’t marketed it as much. When we checked with the waiter as to how was the response to this new offering, he said they sell about 10-12 meals everyday 😀 That was a bit too less for a place that is so packed each day! Interesting that we were offered CocaCola in between our meals, and that seemed to sort of contradict their objective of promoting healthy food!
It was around 140 bucks for a meal I think. My friend paid 😉

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