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Jonah’s Bistro – Jonahs goes to Japan

A nice end to a hectic week – a movie at Luxe aka Jazz cinemas followed by dinner at Jonah’s Bistro in Phoenix Market City, in Velachery.

I’ve been to this restaurant earlier and so my expectations were pretty much set. Wife and kids were not very hungry after a round of snacks in the cinema, so we decided to skip soup and starters and headed straight to the main course. Ordered a Pasta in Pesto sauce, Grilled Chicken with Peppery Onion sauce and Potato mash, Smoked Chilli Rice with Chicken. The food was served in about ten minutes and I quickly finished a few clicks and deep-dived into my plate. The plating for all the dishes was neat and welcoming. I had the Grilled Chicken and loved the flavor. The veggies, potato mash and grilled tomato were good with the grilled chicken. Smoked Chilli Rice with chicken was pretty decent too. I just got a mouthful to taste, while my son finished the rest. Pasta in Pesto sauce was good, came with garlic bread which was soft and tasty. The menu didn’t have any desserts, probably there was a separate menu for that, I didn’t ask. I knew they had a dessert counter with stuff from Bakers Street, in Pondichery. Kids selected a dessert each, Vanilla Frais (think I got the name right), yummy with a layer of vanilla and chocolate and rice crispies at the bottom and it disappeared in no time. Triple Chocolate Tier, needless to say, was chocolatey and sinfully rich. Just had a small spoonful from each, pretending to be on a diet 😛
The dinner set us back by about 1.4K which included a SC of 10%, so I did not tip in addition to it. Would have been good if they had a wireless swiping machine that can be brought to the table, I had to walk up to the counter to enter the PIN. Wasn’t a big problem, but just good to have ! Service was pleasant and attentive throughout.
Overall, a very nice place and equally nice food! I would certainly visit again !

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