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Kapila Dasa

Kapila Dasa, a place that has been on my list for quite sometime now, and somehow I never managed to visit it until today. We had relatives come over and I wanted to take them out for dinner. Today being a prominent Hindu festival, we wanted to keep the meal strictly vegetarian. Ruled out Italian/Continental options like Dario’s and Little Italy as they preferred South-Indian or North-Indian. I didn’t want it to be too simple and at the same time, not the Star-hotel types. Narrowed down to Krishnavillasam and Kapila Dasa. The former, we have already visited and the latter, we haven’t! That was it, decided to go there !

As we entered, the place had very nice interiors. The staff were pleasant and immediately escorted us to the table. We were four adults and two children. We got a comfortable eight-seater in a nice corner with a sofa on one side. The place was well-lit and overall very neat and classy.
We ordered Vegetable Nut Cutlet, Paneer Tikka and Cheese Balls. We were six people, and the starters came one after another. So they didn’t last very long. Paneer Tikka was the best, the flavor was mind-blowing. The cutlet and the cheese balls were good too, but probably not worth raving about. Ordered another Paneer Tikka and that disappeared in a jiffy too!
For the main course, I wanted to taste their Dosa. Ordered a Butter Mysore Masala Dosa and a Crispy Onion Rava Dosa. Both the Dosas were yummy to say the least. Crispy Onion Rava Dosa, true to its name, was very crispy and damn tasty. Mysore Masala Dosa was shining and the texture was mindblowing ! The masala was served separately in a casserole. I put it all over the Dosa and then started to eat. The inside of the dosa was smeared with podi that added to the taste ! The chutneys were fresh, tasty and brilliant! Sambhar came in a cup πŸ™‚ was different and I liked it. It was slightly sweet and I loved it. Over to the next items – πŸ™‚ Son was in no mood to eat anything Indian, he was sort of confused between Lasagna and Spaghetti Burmese, and opted for the latter. Ordered a couple of Butter Naans, a Paneer Kulcha and two gravies with it – Palak Paneer and Malai Kofta. Both the breads were good. Palak Paneer was brilliant. I love it when the flavor of Palak dominates as compared to the masala. Paneer was very soft and fresh. Malai Kofta was good too. The Kofta was different and was a bit sweet and I liked that too. Spaghetti Burmese was a bit too cheesy to my liking, but my son quite liked that.
Quite full by now, now it was the dessert-stomach’s turn to handle things thereafter πŸ™‚ I wanted a Filter Coffee, Kids wanted ice cream. Ordered a Swiss Chocolate Doodle, Strawberry Stripes and a double-scoop of Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream! Filter Coffee was served in a cup and saucer and not a Davara-Tumbler. So the element of traditional touch was lost, nevertheless, it tasted good. Ice creams were good and they managed to finish it off with occasional help from us πŸ˜‰
Overall, food was very tasty and we loved the dinner. Coming to the pricing – Yeah, it IS expensive. This dinner set us back by a little more than 3K. I have no complaints with the price, but sometimes when you think that a Roti costs 75 bucks, or a Dosa costs 200 bucks, then you feel WTH!!! Of course, then you justify with different parameters like ambience, service, and overall experience and kind of feel okay about it. Mineral water bottle was priced at 50 bucks and that was reasonable. The bill did not have a SC, in spite of a very good service.
Coming to the service, Mr. Sreedhar waited on our table and was very pleasant and attentive without being intrusive. Just that when we finished our main course, the restaurant was packed and things got very busy. At that time, I felt the place was probably under-staffed to handle the crowd as all the waiters were on their toes. It took a while, at least about 5-10 minutes, to catch the attention of the waiter and order desserts. It came 10-15 minutes later. That, I felt was a minor glitch. Otherwise, service was very good.
Would I visit again? Probably for a special occasion and not just for a casual meal. If cost doesn’t matter and good food is all that matters, then you should definitely head to this place !

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