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The plan was to catch up with a friend and since I stay in Velachery and he works in OMR, we did not want to venture into the city.

After looking at a few options, zeroed in on this one.  I’ve been to Aloft in Sholinganallur a few years back and have never visited the bar there.  My friend has been there a few times.  We entered around 8:30PM and the bar was reasonably crowded.  The first look, it was decent, there was loud music and it did not look dingy or shady.  In that sense, it was welcoming.  Colored lights was jazzy and was a bit of a timepass clicking the pitcher in different colors 😉  In case you want to talk, or planning to discuss something important, this is not the place. You can barely hear what your friend says, so choose wisely 😉
I am not elaborating on the details, but during the evening, we had beer and side eats.  Chicken Satay was good, Cherry Cheese and Pineapple was okayish, surprised it was not served with ice and the cheese was thin slices of amul cheese or the likes :/  Chilli Gobi was okay, though a little salty. Chicken Tikka was good and we planned to finish with a light dinner and ordered a wrap. It was more like roti with a filling, and was manageable.  Kingfisher Lager Draught beer was good.  Three pitchers of beer and five side eats, the check was around 4K for both of us.

The service in particular was not very pleasing or worth mentioning except for one guy who was polite.  Just okayish otherwise.
Overall, a decent place, less expensive compared to other options like Fortune and Asiana on OMR.

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