Outstation Restaurant Reviews/ Tindivanam

Vasantha Bhavan, Tindivanam

The two restaurants side by side at Tindivanam on NH-45 are probably the best places for food between Trichy and Chennai. They are Vasantha Bhavan and Hotel Aaryas.

Since I have been to Hotel Aaryas on my last trip, I decided to step into Vasantha Bhavan this time. New place to eat and click is always welcome 😉
We started at Trichy at 05:00AM and reached this place around 07:45AM for breakfast. The place was pretty good, and a few tables were free. My friends had Idly and vada and I had Pongal and vada, both were tasty. Vada was just done and was crisp and piping hot. I had Poori Masala and that was good too. Finished the breakfast with a Filter Coffee in a brass Davara Tumbler (read as cup and saucer). The chutneys tasted good, Sambhar was in a nice small bucket similar to the other restaurant. Between the two places, I think anything will do. Probably Aaryas had one or two chutneys more on the table, especially the mouth-watering garlic one 🙂 Otherwise, I would enter whichever place has free tables.
This place as a decent restroom and that is good to have on a highway.

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