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Palmyra Cafe, Oslo

A recent visit to Oslo, and Palmyra Café is a sure shot !  This is the only place in and around Oslo that tells the people that Indian food is not just Punjabi food.   They serve Idly, Dosa, Idiyappam, and chicken koththu parotta too. That’s my favourite here and that’s the reason I visit this place too.  The food is not bad, at the same time, do not expect it to be like the restaurants in Chennai.  You are far away from home and after a while, anything close to our food feels tasty.  The normal Indian Chai/Tea is good.  A few more days left in Oslo, and probably another visit pending too.

Visited November 2013.


Older reviews?

A nice small place in Grønland that serves south-Indian food (You can relate a little bit to what you get in Chennai, India). Otherwise most of the Indian restaurants in Oslo are North-Indian Punjabi food.

The prices are definitely cheap compared to Oslo rates. I have lived in Oslo for about 3 years and have visited this a few times. I am now based in Chennai and my last trip to Oslo was in Feb-Mar 2012 and I stayed there for 15 days and during that time, I ate here at least 3-4 times. My favourite is Chicken Kothu Parotta and Indian Chai (Tea). I think it is 85NOK and thats very very cheap. You pick a coffee at any place and it will cost you about 30NOK. Food is quite ok. when you begin to miss south-Indian food, this is good enough to get a feel of it. 🙂 Have heard Dosa is good too, though havent tried it. Have had chicken Biriyani once, and that was more like pulao+chicken gravy, definitely not what you get in Chennai, but still was not bad taste-wise 🙂

Small place, just about 6-7 tables in all. Finish shopping around that place and instead of going home and preparing lunch, you can eat here. Its that kind of a place. Can be noisy when someone orders Kothu Parotta (like what I did) 😉 Dont be shocked, it’ll last a few minutes.

Definitely worth a visit for tasting different food.

Visited March 2012

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