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Punjab Tandoori, Oslo

Not just for dinner, but a good place to drop in for a beer with some snacks too.  There are about few brands of Indian beer available here.  I must have visited this place at least four or five times during my stay of two weeks in Oslo.

Visited November 2013.

Older Reviews ?

A recent visit to Oslo and this is one of the favourite places to eat out.  Two reasons – Indian food and cheap !

The quality has always been good and this time it was no different.  Going to be here for some more time, so possibly a couple of visits more to this place.

Visited November 2013.


This place is more a take-away, fast-food joint that serves good North-Indian punjabi food.
Very cheap by Oslo standards, a decent variety to choose from.

Standard combo is a plate with rice, salad, a roti (Indisk nanbrød),and a dish of your choice. Price ranging from 70 – 120 NOK. Thats pretty cheap and tastes quite good. The portions are less, and I always felt I could eat more. You can get some pakora, samosa, kebab at additional cost. You can get some Indian beer (I would recommend Kingfisher, Cobra) in small and big sizes. With all this together, you feel full 🙂

During summers, the seating outside the restaurant is open and you can sit in the sun with a beer. It is generally crowded, good if you manage to get a table there. The owner is quite friendly and you can chat up a conversation easily.

So overall, definitely worth a try. After two three times in succession, you begin to feel slightly bored, but once in a while it is just fine.

Visited March 2012

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