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Adayar Ananda Bhavan

A decent South-Indian Thali at Adayar Ananda Bhavan, Madipakkam.  Surprised to hear that they do not serve North-Indian Thali though they have it on the menu.  Guess it is the time constraint.  Since it takes a while to get North-Indian meals to the table, they probably  do not want to lose customers who wait to get a seat.  The restaurant is quite packed in the afternoons and definitely not easy to get the attention of the waiter.  The food tasted good.

Visited October 2013.

Older reviews ?

Breakfast at A2B, Madipakkam. Normally the food at this place has always been good. The service sucks big time. The waiters basically have a feeling that they are doing a great obligation to you by serving food. You would be familiar with the critical path or the shortest path in Pert/CPM in Operations Research. Here the waiter takes the exact opposite – The longest path when you ask for something. He will come back when you have either finished or when you don’t need it anymore. BUT… this time, we were pleasantly surprised with the service. Really fast and good. Again, BUT… this time they screwed up with the change. Gave a five hundred rupee for around 200-something bill and the cashier did not have the change. Laughing away to glory, pointing fingers and everyone clueless when a manager went to the sweet store on the other side and brought bunches of smaller denominations..and then the service resumed again !

Visited September 2013

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