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Appuchi Chettinad Hotel, Kovilambakkam

Appuchi, a cute name for a restaurant I thought! This is actually a small Chettinad hotel located on the radial road connecting Kamakshi Hospital and Keelkattalai Junction. It is located right next to Zone Hotel, which is a prominent landmark on that road. This restaurant has been here for a few years now and somehow I have never had a chance to dine here in spite of making plans with a few friends.

I was returning home around 10PM and suddenly spotted this place. I had no plans of eating out, but changed my mind and decided to try. The place had a well-lit nameboard. At that time of the night, a few people were dining. As I entered, the place looked basic, but well-lit and clean. That was more than good enough to feel comfortable.
Quickly ordered 2 Parottas, 1 Egg Omelette and 1 Pepper Chicken (after making sure it had only boneless pieces). Parottas came in less than 5 minutes along with a small cup of chicken gravy. It was evident that the parottas came straight from the tawa, freshly made. Absolutely wonderful ! Completed the usual formality – shredded it into pieces and poured the gravy over it and started to eat. The gravy was a bit runny, but good. The parottas more than made up for it.
Egg omelette was good, Pepper Chicken had a touch of a fast food than a chettinad hotel. However, It was tasty with loads on onion, capsicum and pepper. It was more like chilli chicken with pepper instead of chilly powder. I asked for another parotta and had it with the masala from pepper chicken. Should mention that not one single piece had any smell from the Chicken, I was impressed.
Service was very courteous. Paid 200 bucks in all, 15 each for parotta and omelette, 140 bucks for pepper chicken. I think it is absolutely worth it. Had I been with a few friends, we would have sampled a few more dishes. As I was a solo diner, I have to conclude based on whatever I had.
I would certainly go back when I’m in and around this place.

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