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Old Madras Baking Company, T. Nagar

New day, a new beginning! A friend and I decided to check out Old Madras Baking Company for breakfast as we were headed to T Nagar for some work. Only two of their outlets serve breakfast and T Nagar is one of them. Rest of the outlets are primarily bakeries, selling freshly baked goodies ! The moment I think of a typical breakfast with Bread, Eggs, Chicken and Black Coffee, I am literally transported back to my days in Oslo, Norway.

The place is located bang on Habibullah Road, opposite to Karnataka Sangha school, so we had no problems locating it. We entered around 09:30AM and only one other gentleman was seated at that time. As we entered, the aroma of freshly baked goodies literally took us to a different world. Quick look at the menu, we decided to order a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuff to suit both of us (my friend preferred vegetarian today).
We ordered Roasted Mushroom Makhani Sandwich, Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese, Scrambled Egg with Butter Croissant, and a Chicken Omelette with Toasts. It took a while for them to serve, well within reasonable limits, that was perfectly okay.
Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese was the first to arrive. It looked inviting, and was neatly cut into 4 quarters. Though it was ordered for my friend, I sampled a quarter of it, the first bite was wonderful! It tasted really good with a subtle flavor of garlic and the crunchiness from the bread. We loved it.
Roasted Mushroom Makhani Sandwich arrived next, and this looked quite good too. The makhani sauce was good, though a little dominating, and mushrooms nicely roasted. The bread certainly made an impression and overall, it tasted yummy.
Scrambled Eggs with Butter Croissant was the next to hit the table. The scrambled eggs could have had a little more salt, it tasted good after we added it. The consistency of the scrambled eggs was just how I’ve eaten it at many places, a bit gooey. Butter Croissant served along with it was yumm!
Finally the Chicken Omelette and Toasts arrived. Again, the omelette could have had a bit more salt which we added, and the chicken was a bit bland to my liking. It did taste good, nothing worth complaining at all. Just my preference that I would have liked it a bit more spicy and flavorsome. The toasts were perfect, and the unsalted butter served on the table was good. Washed it down with a black coffee each and I loved it sugarless. A fitting end to a nice breakfast!
The service was very courteous, there were two people who were manning the counters and also doubling up as the Chef.
As I said earlier, this is one of the typical breakfasts I’ve had many a times when I lived in Oslo, Norway! So couldn’t help recollecting memories from those days ! A pleasant chat with my friend, the day couldn’t have started any better.
Coming to the price point, I certanly felt it was pricey! There’s absolutely no denying that whatever they served was fresh and yummy, but to convince myself to pay 250 bucks for a regular sandwich with 2 slices of bread was difficult. Likewise, a few other items too felt pricey. The reasons for the prices could be many, they bake their bread fresh, do not add preservatives, they source the best ingredients, and all these come with a premium, it is quite understandable. All I would like to say is that I wouldn’t opt for this place just like that if I am thinking breakfast because it comes with a heavy price tag.
Payment was a bit of a hassle, absolutely not the restaurant’s problem. We decided to pay by card and the transaction timed out. As luck would have it, both of us had Axis bank cards, so it made no difference with either of them. My friend had to go to an ATM nearby and withdraw some cash. Paid a little less than 1K for the two of us, and in my mind, I ran a quick comparison with other places that served the English/American/Continental breakfast at similar pricing of about 500 bucks per head. Perhaps The Brew Room, Chamiers Cafe, Lloyds Tea House serve a set breakfast with the ‘usual’ baked beans, hashbrowns, sausages, eggs to order, toasts, coffee and possibly bacon too (which I avoid)! So I would consider going to these places if I’d want a breakfast like this. For freshly baked goodies, I’d certainly drop in again !

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