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Maggevala, Kodambakkam

I have been waiting to visit this place since the time they opened. Firstly, because there was a lot of noise on the food groups and people were raving about their dishes! Secondly, I was quite curious and surprised that someone would base their business predominantly on a product that had to go through lot of trouble because it failed lab tests by FSSAI for excessive Lead and MSG in it. After everything was sorted out, finally Maggi appeared in shelves in the stores. This restaurant primarily offers different variants of Maggi, and in different forms too.

The place is located bang on the Arcot road and just a few blocks away from Sekar Emporium at Liberty.  The interiors were tastefully done, nice ambience, may get a bit cramped when its a full house, but was pleasing to the eye. The menu had quite a few variants of Maggi, quite impressed with it.
It works on ‘pay-in-advance’ model, don’t know why! I did ask the owner, he didn’t seem to have a specific reason for that. It was quite inconvenient when you decide to add something to your order in the middle of having food. Have to go to the counter each time, pay and get back.
Our order – Cheese Maggi Masala, Maggi Hakka, Maggi Pizza, Cappuccino, and a Fresh Orange juice.
Cheese Maggi Masala – The classic Maggi, topped with generous amounts of cheese! It was tasty, no complaints.
Maggi Hakka – The flavor and taste was awesome, distinctly different, a tad dry unlike the normal Maggi(liked that), but extremely spicy. It was still manageable and I liked it. Had it been less hot, would have been great.
Maggi Pizza took forever to come, the owner did apologise for the delay, and finally arrived. The crust was too crispy like a biscuit, and the Maggi hardly made an impression, a lot of cheese on it, and an overpowering tangy sour aftertaste, perhaps from the puree/pizza sauce. It wasn’t impressive.
Cappuccino – Frankly tasted like instant coffee, could neither get the flavor of chocolate, nor see a bit of foam! Neither the appearance nor taste justified it as cappuccino, perhaps it was a bit too much of an expectation after having cappuccinos abroad with beautiful art on the top.
Orange Fresh Juice – Passable, but definitely one of the oranges used for the juice was on its way to going bad. The first sip, I could make out, but since it was very mild, ignored it. If all the oranges were perfectly fresh, ‘that smell’ wouldn’t have come up.
Paid 195 + 140 + 85, as and when we decided to add items, and it was indeed inconvenient to go to the counter thrice to do so.
Overall, I would call this as an average experience. Perhaps would go back just to try a few variants of Maggi, or perhaps not!

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