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Buhari Velachery

My resolution to reduce eating out is still on!! Hence, haven’t been posting much lately! Today, it was inevitable, hence decided to order lunch from a restaurant. 

Damn my luck, tried to reach the landline of Junior Kuppanna, Velachery for 40 minutes from 12:40PM to 1:20PM, it was ringing, noone picked up! In between, a few times, I heard the message that the number was busy and I should try again later. Same with landlines of Junior Kuppanna Chrompet and T-Nagar, tried them just in case they had an alternate number I could call. Really frustrated and hungry, decided to order from Buhari. Placing the order worked like a charm. 2 Chicken Biryanis, 1 Egg Biryani, 1 Prawns Masala, 1 Chilli Egg and 1 Chicken 90 Boneless. The food was delivered in about 35 minutes, no complaints. The bill was a little more than 1K.
Now the food…Biryani was just okay, not worth raving about. The Brinjal gravy (was too little) and Raita were in small compartments in the same plate, not convenient to mix and eat with Biryani. Brinjal gravy was very ordinary. Chicken 90 boneless was good. Don’t know why I ordered Chilli Egg, it did not gel well with Biryani, but was tasty. Prawns Masala was way too spicy, wife and kids struggled to eat. So overall, a mixed bag! Wouldn’t be too keen to order from here again !

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