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Madurai Anna Mess

The problem with the food groups on Facebook is that you continuously hear about ‘new’ restaurants everyday and the moment you spot one on the road, you invariably end up visiting that place.  😛 

It was one such visit this afternoon to Madurai Anna Mess on Arcot Road in Kodambakkam! Made up some excuse to eat here.
The place was well-lit, nice and decent. Ordered Egg Biryani, Chicken Omelette and a Lemon Soda  🙁  Unfortunately Famous Jigarthanda was not available today, had to be content with Lemon Soda !
Biryani was wonderful, the chicken gravy along with it was delicious. Raita was good. I liked the chicken Omelette too. Lemon soda was a bit strong, had to add some water to dilute it. Typically in restaurants/messes like this, the special menu is more a tray with various dishes and you can choose to order after looking at them. I told the waiter that I only wanted to click a picture of that and he readily obliged 🙂
The total bill was Rs 240, Rs 110 for Biryani, Rs 70 for Chicken Omelette and Rs 60 for Lemon Soda. No ST, SC, VAT whatever..not sure why !

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