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Momo Restaurant

It was more of a business meeting over lunch and we were somewhere in Navalur, headed to Thuraipakkam. Decided to check out Momo Restaurant at Semmencheri, on Old Mahabalipuram Road.

The place was easy to locate, right next to St. Joseph’s College. It is above Green Trends and that board is hard to miss. There was place for at least 8 cars and we were lucky to find a free spot.
As we entered, the restaurant had very nicely done interiors, simple and classy. We were welcomed with a smile and it was a good feeling.
We were three people, and one of my friends was vegetarian. The menu had a nice mix of Chinese and Thai dishes, so in each course you could choose if you want Chinese or Thai. Since we did not have anything specific in mind, asked the waiter to suggest something interesting. We were recommended Vegetarian and Chicken Momos, and Thai Pai Chicken for starters. Myself and a friend decided to share a portion of Thai Chicken and Garlic Soup while my Vegetarian friend wanted a Sweet Corn Vegetable soup. The Thai Chicken and Garlic Soup was tasty, and was very different compared to the ‘usual’ soups in a restaurant. The flavour of coconut milk and chicken reminded me of the Thai Yellow curry, a common main course in a Thai restaurant. The momos were good, both vegetarian and chicken. However the sauces that were served alongside were just okay, nothing worth raving about. I just hoped that it would be somewhere close to the sauces served in Mainland China, it wasn’t. Thai Pai Chicken was good, but a tad salty to my liking.
Ordered Chilli Garlic Fried Noodles and Nasi Goreng for main course and decided to keep it vegetarian so all of us could share. Both were good, I liked the flavor in Nasi Goreng. Proceeded to the desserts and ordered a Kesar Badam Kulfi, Brownie with icecream and Lychees with icecream. All of us tasted a bit of everything. I liked Kufi the best, Brownie was decent with icecream. Similarly lychees with a bit of icecream was good too. Absolutely no complaints with the food. One of my friends felt that Nasi Goreng was not so great, but I thought it was pretty good 🙂
Mr. Arun waited on our table and was patient and polite and that made our lunch even better. This set us back by about 1.8K and included a service charge of 10%, so did not tip in addition to it. Overall, a very pleasant dining experience.

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