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Cascade, Hotel Sangam, Trichy

From the mid-nineties, I still remember this place as one of its kind.  A coffee shop which served beer, tomato and mint pizza for Rupees 15 are still very clear in my mind.

I was visiting Trichy after 10 years or more and the trip was very nostalgic.  It was primarily to meet friends from school.  So we decided to catch up at Hotel Sangam’s coffee shop, Cascade.

The place was ok, nothing very great.  Again, just to point out, those days, we considered this place out of the world.  Today, it just looks like a normal coffee shop with a decent ambience, nothing starry about it.

Since we were waiting for more friends to join, we wanted some time to order lunch, so started with some juices.  To our surprise, none of the juices were cold.  They were served at room temperature.  On requesting, they provided us ice cubes.  We ordered for some starters just to while away time until all of them arrived.  It was ok, nothing very great.

After all of us were there, we ordered a mix of items, chicken biriyani, mutton biriyani, chicken fried rice, dosa, chappathi and so on.  The food was good, nothing worth complaining, but far away from star category standard.

We ordered for coffee and cappuccino after lunch.  It wasn’t even close to hot. When we pointed it out, they heated it and then it was much better.  I couldn’t believe this was the standard in a Star hotel.

Overall, an average place. Just good for an occasional visit.

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