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Goli Vada Pav

During my many visits to Shirdi, both via Mumbai and Pune, a few things we would never miss during the journey was eating Bhel, and Vada Pav followed by a cup of Chai. So just trying to find a nice place in Chennai which serves a Vada Pav as good as that.

Heard from a few fellow-foodies about this place, been on my to-do list for a while, visited Goli vada pav in Velachery. It was just OK, nothing really outstanding. The frozen patties and all that packing gives more a feel of a burger at Mc Donalds, than a typical street food. Taste-wise, it was not bad. The Sabudana vada was just so so.  Overall, not very impressive.  A couple of other places on my list and hopefully can get a vada pav close to the authentic one.  Will let you know 🙂

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