A cultural journey – DakshinaChitra

Muttam - open to sky area in the middle of the houseThinnai or the place to sit in front of the houseVaasapadi or the main doorjust another view of the pillarsVeettuvaasal with kolamsmoothly floored Thinnai
a straw hutpathway to the housesa tiled roof houseThulasi plant in the Muttam areainteriorsfor the visitors
Kerala Syrian Christian houseKerala tiled housea complete view of another Kerala housenice symmetryLeaves in the foregroundnot exactly a modular kitchen ;)
village house in KarnatakaEntrance door hardly 4 feet highLady cookingopen to skykitchen utensilsgarden

This is my second visit to this place, mainly to click some photos. I’ve been here earlier with my family. This time it was just me and my camera.
The place is bang on ECR in the direction of Mahabalipuram when you drive from Chennai. It is just a few hundred metres away from MGM Dizzee World on the left. Keep looking for the signboard and you will not miss it. Decent car parking, no parking fee. The tickets are also reasonably ok – Rs 75 for an Adult. Camera charges are Rs 10. BUT…..if you are to carry a tripod, you have to pay Rs500!! Now, thats attrocious !! Why ??? They could have priced that around Rs100. It just doesnt make sense to me. So left it in my car.
A couple of hours for seeing all the rural houses in the Southern States of India. Even a detailed seeing will need only so much time.
There are lot of activities going on like Kili josiam (a parrot picking tarrot card), mehendi/henna, pottery demo and teaching, candle making, etc if interested, you can spend sometime here.
There were a few shops selling handicrafts, so you could bargain and buy. Not very expensive stuff though.
There was a fresh juice stall, you could buy bottled drinks, water bottle too. An icecream vendor was there inside. There is a decent restaurant inside. It appears decent, dont know how the food tastes, havent eaten here.
Open from 09:45 to 18:00 I think, and Sat and Sun from 10:00 to 18:00. Tuesdays Holiday.
Do not reach in the middle of the day, In spite of the trees and shade, it can be tiring as you have to walk around.
With kids, you can definitely visit this place for a informative outing for half a day.

Visited March 2013

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