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I’ve lost count of how many times I have visited this place!
Spoonbill on TTK Road has been one of my favorite places when you’re not in a mood for ‘normal’ lunch. Don’t feel like having North Indian, South-Indian, and kids like to have some sausages, and something different, we head to this place.

Their menu is elaborate and they have a nice choice of world street food, a bit of German, Mexican, Spanish, Turkish, and so on. From Pasta to burger to Doner to Falaffel to Momos they have quite a variety 🙂
The place is nice and I like the trendy feel to it. One of the first places that had a pager for order, and kids were quite excited waiting for that to buzz when the order was ready.
Our order – Chicken Bratwurst, 2 Hot Dogs, Veg Crispy Hakka Noodles, Spanish Omelette, Barbeque Chicken Burger, a couple of fruit juices and a water bottle.
Food was wonderful overall, a couple of minor misses here and there. The sausage was very good as Bratwurst, but the one that came as a Hot Dog wasn’t as soft, was a bit chewy. Spanish Omelette was a bit salty here and there, probably the potatoes in it. Rest was all fine. Noodles was very nice, Chicken burger came as if it was deconstructed, not sure if it just moved a bit or was meant to be like that. I would have liked it as a whole, even if a skewer was needed to hold it up together. I did leave a feedback at the counter about the minor misses. The juices were good too.
The lunch cost us about 1.6K overall, and was worth it. You get a wifi password when your bill exceeds 500 bucks I think, didn’t use it this time though.

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