Mahabalipuram/ Outstation Restaurant Reviews

Namaste Restaurant and German Bakery, Mahabalipuram

Namaste Restaurant and German Bakery,  located in Othavadi Street, Mahabalipuram !  I’ve been here earlier for breakfast with friends and have blogged about it here. This time, I went with family for lunch!

This place, for some reason, is very welcoming for me ! It is owned by a Nepali and a couple of others help him in the kitchen to run the show. The place is neat and clean. No AC, just fans, but still pleasant. The interiors having lot of pictures of Nepal.
Food is prepared fresh after you order, so when there are few tables occupied, it takes sometime to arrive. You have to be a bit patient. It is very popular amongst foreigners who just step in for a coffee and a leisurely chat for a long time.
We ordered a plate of Veg and Chicken Momos, a Veg Thukpa, Chicken Pizza, Spaghetti in Tomato sauce (pasta al pomodoro I think) and one Mansahari Meals, a Nepali speciality! Food was tasty. Just to mention some small things here and there, the momos outer covering were not the best I’ve had, but still taste-wise it was pretty good. Pizza base was more like a bun, but tasted good. Spaghetti was decent, Thukpa was the best! The Nepali Mansahari meals was rice with Veg Curry, Chicken Curry, Dal, Salad and it was nice! The gravy part in Veg and Chicken curry was a bit too close to each other, but still good. Finished off with a Chocolate pancake. Visually not so appealing, but tasted good !
Overall, a little more than 1000 bucks and it was definitely worth it ! Again, the owner is a pleasant gentleman, and really has the attitude to serve! Will definitely visit again when I am in Mahabalipuram!
A word of caution, the items for the bakery were very average and we wasted about 200 bucks buying cookies and threw away more than half of it. We could have avoided that!

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