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The Brick House Bistro

Dining out with family after quite a while. There are quite a few places that have opened up in the recent past and my “to-do” list of restaurants only got longer and longer. Brick House Bistro in Anna Nagar has been making news for all the right reasons and I so badly wanted to check out this place. Wife and kids love burgers, sausages and chicken wings and that’s it, plan was finalized!

Just realized that I haven’t been to Anna Nagar for a few years now ๐Ÿ™‚ Many years ago, used to visit Anna Nagar to meet a few friends. So I should say I just have a very basic understanding of the place. Anna Nagar Arch on one side and the Thirumangalam Water Tank on the other end, and the main road connecting these two where Planet Yumm, Bluestar etc. used to be. That’s it ! ๐Ÿ˜€ So after reaching Thirumangalam Water Tank and taking a right, I stopped at an auto stand and asked for directions. Needless to say, the best interactive GPS ever – our auto drivers. “Go straight, Take left at the Roundtana, proceed to the next signal, take a left and go straight” ! Perfect, we reached the place without any issues ! ๐Ÿ™‚
As we entered, the place sported a nice colorful look. The room just had a few tables and then realized there were more such rooms, not so small after all! The menu on the wall was catchy. Immediately decided what we wanted to eat and did not want an elaborate starter course, so ordered the starters and main-course together.
Cheesy Fries with Sausage bits, Barbeque Chicken Wings 6pcs (Wasn’t sure if I should order 12 pcs), a Double Chicken burger, a Single Chicken burger, and a Double American Hot Dog was the order. I asked them to add the salad and fries to my burger to make it a bit more filling. Within reasonable time, the dishes were served. After a quick shoot with my ‘stand-by’ mobile camera, already all of us damn hungry, I pounced on the burger! Took a first bite, it was very juicy and yummy! Loved the flavor in the patty. The salad along with it was good, while the fries was too little. For Rs 60, they could have had a little more fries. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheesy Fries with Sausage Bits was good, Barbeque Chicken Wings was very tasty and my wife and kids loved it. After tasting a bit from the Double American Hot Dog, kids wanted a sausage each, ordered a Single American Hot Dog each, and another 6 pcs of Barbeque Chicken Wings. Ordered a Blue Curacao and Iced Lemon Tea, both were good. Overall, extremely satisfying lunch today.
I should mention that service with respect to food was pretty okayish, but I had to ask five times for a tissue paper and that is unacceptable. I chose to ignore this as it was a soft launch and teething issues are bound to be. Hope they take note of this and fix it.
This meal set us back by Rs 1.3K and according to me the prices are very reasonable for what they offer ! Absolutely VFMM (value for my money) ๐Ÿ™‚
A drive all the way from Velachery to Anna Nagar was absolutely worth it ! I would certainly come back for burgers and sausages !

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