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Madurai Devar Hotel

Parotta…Barotta…Brotta…Puratta 😀 Umpteen ways to call it, and my love for them since school days hasn’t diminished one bit.  A few classmates from school decided to catch up for a ‘Beer and Barotta’ evening !  I’ll spell it with a ‘B’ today, so its B & B 🙂  Beer at Green Park and Barotta somewhere in the vicinity! Plan was all set! 

We have very fond memories of having Barotta together in most of the famous night kadais in Trichy, during school days.  A couple of them had to drop out, three of us could make it.  No elaborate drinking, just a couple of beers and we were good to go for Barottas.  Since my friends were familiar with the locality, they suggested Madurai Devar Hotel on the Arcot Road in Virugambakkam.
The ambience was very familiar, a typical muniyandi vilas kinda place.  The menu is printed or painted at least in two or three places on the walls, for everyone to see.  The waiter brought a tray with special dishes that are available and you could see and order.  This tray basically has all the items you can think of 😀 In coloquial terms, the closest substitute to Discovery Channel 😉
As usual, we started off with a couple of barottas. As I’ve mentioned earlier, its a habit to immediately make it into small pieces and pour the saerva/gravy all over it.  It was good, but not the best because in many places we’ve had barottas served straight from the tawa.  Here it was probably made a little earlier and we did not have the time to wait for the next batch.  One item on the menu on the wall caught my attention – ‘Chicken Umparla’ 😀  Of course understood that it was meant to be an ‘Umbrella’, ordered that.  They ordered a prawn masala and liked it.  Also noticed that my friends had quite specific preferences while ordering egg.  I ordered an egg omelette, while one of my friends ordered a ‘One-side’ Omelette, the other friend ordered ‘Saerva pottu Kalakki’, the ususal kalakki mixed with gravy on the tawa 🙂   Everything tasted wonderful and the umparla was basically a variant of a dry chicken lollipop (without the sauce on it) and I liked it.  While I was done, they ordered a Dosa and shared it among themselves.  With generous amounts of saerva, we finished our dinner.  The bill came to Rs 365, which is more than vfm !
We liked it so much because we have an element of nostalgia associated with Barottas and many of you might not find it appealing.  I would recommend a takeaway for those expecting a more decent ambience. Overall, a very nice evening. 😀

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