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Epicures Junction Food Court, The Grand Mall

We spent some time in The Grand Mall and had lunch at the food court on the top floor.   There were a quite a few cuisines to choose from – Punjabi, Mexican, Indo-Chinese, South-Indian and so on.  We decided to mix-and-match a bit and share it among ourselves as we were a family of two adults and two children. Here’s a brief review 🙂

Spring Potato – As the name suggests, it was just a potato in a skewer, cut in the form of a spiral, and deep fried.  So taste-wise, it was much like the french fries, but the way it was presented made it unique.  It is worth a try.  You wont believe how fast you can eat a full potato 🙂

D’Serrano – This outlet serves Mexican and Italian.  I ordered the crisp chicken burritos.  It was very yummy, but the problem was it was heavily stuffed and the outer roti kinda stuff gave way!  We had to literally eat it like how you would eat sambhar sadham using a hand. 😛

Dhabba Express – How can a combo with Roti, Rice and Paneer gravy go wrong is what I thought when I ordered this.  Sure, it managed to !  the gravy was sour and very so-so.  Of course I could manage to eat it, but it was far from relishing it.  I love north-Indian and this was definitely way below my expectation.

Noodles Doodles – This combo of noodles was quite ok.  Decent and tasty noodles and a gravy to go with it.  I wouldn’t say it was out of the world, it was good and that’s it. 🙂

Donut House – This is not exactly located in the food court, but on the ground floor of the mall.  Just wanted to have something sweet and spotted this outlet.  Ordered for two donuts, choco chips and butterscotch.  Both of them tasted good.  Had a bite and my kids had the rest.

That’s pretty much our foodilicious experience at the Grand Mall.

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