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Junior Kuppanna

Absolutely tasty food at Junior Kuppanna, Chrompet.  I have heard about this place from a few friends, so decided to try this for a Sunday Lunch.  Since we knew roughly where it was located, it was easy to spot the hotel.  It is located in the same building as the Arasan Inn Hotel, just below the Pallavaram Flyover, accessible through the service lane.  We were seven friends, classmates at school,  and we were meeting some of them after about twenty years.

As we entered, we were given a kind of a family room, which could seat about 15-16.  This was awesome as it ensured a bit of seclusion from the general crowd.  So we could go on and on about our school days 🙂  One of my friends had been here earlier and since he was familiar with the menu, he suggested the food items for all of us.

We started with a chicken soup.  It had a nice flavor, and tasted good.  Then we ordered for the popular ‘Pallipalayam Chicken’ and ‘Pichchi potta Naattu Kozhi’.  Both of them were good.  We ordered mutton vada and I was told it tasted good as I did not eat it. We ordered for a mutton and chicken biryani.  The rice was a bit different compared to the other chettinad hotels, a bit small, but tasty.  The gravy to go with the biryani was yummy.  The raita needs a special mention; thick curds instead of the normal watery thayir pachchadi.  Then we ordered parotta and chicken gravy.  Soft and flaky parottas, and when you make them into small pieces and pour the gravy on it, it reminds you of the night kadais in Trichy and Madurai.  We ordered egg masala and the gravy was very tasty and we asked more of that to go with the parotta.  Ordered a dosa for all of us and that was good too.  Curd rice and payasam to end the meal.  The payasam was very good and fitting dessert to a wonderful lunch !  Overall the service was very good and the waiter was patient and polite.

As we had planned initially, we wanted to taste a bit of everything and we did just that.  I did not find any item that was even close to being labelled bad, however, I liked the Naattu Kozhi better than the Pallipalayam chicken.  Overall, had a wonderful time with friends and a nice Sunday Lunch.

I would definitely recommend this place for good food.

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