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Katti Kebab Company

A recent visit with family to Katti Kebab Company and it was wonderful !  2 Paneer rolls and a Chicken Shami Egg Roll.  All of them were wonderful.  The rolls were ready in less than 10 minutes and yummy too.  Again, seating was the only thing I felt could have been better.  It was 19:30 in the evening on a weekday, and the place was empty. Probably they have to market themselves better to attract people.  Overall, wonderful rolls.  I would like to try the home delivery option next time.

Visited December 2013

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Heard a lot of about Katti Kebab Company in CFG. So while I was passing through Ethiraj Salai, suddenly remembered this place and stopped for a quick bite. Entered the Wellington Estate compound. I knew this place because of Milky Way and also because of the recently opened Pizza Repblic. It took me a while to locate the place inside the compound. Looked at all the name boards but couldn’t manage to find it. Then asked the watchman and he directed me to the other side of the building. Should say they definitely need more sign boards to tell the world where they are located.
As I entered, there was a room, two small tables and a small sofa/diwan or whatever on one side. That can seat about four or lets say six. Thats it! There were some stools and that is all was the seating arrangement. That ‘one’ side was occupied. So I managed to grab a stool and sit on the other side. Ordered a Chicken Shaami Egg Roll. It took just about 10 minutes and it was served super hot ! As I bit into it, it had a very nice flavor and a distinct aroma. Loved the taste and it went very well with the green mint chutney on the table. Initially thought that was chilli sauce, but it wasn’t. Generous amounts of chicken and egg inside the roll. Overall, it tasted very yummy and it wwould have been definitely filling for a normal eater, but I could have comfortably eaten another one 🙂 . It cost Rs.125 and I would say it is slightly expensive considering the overall experience. Had there been a nice seating arrangement, a better ambience, the price would have been totally justified.
But again, as I said earlier, the taste was yummilicious and a must-try !!

Visited October 2013.

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