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My second review for the same place, this time we went for the Sunday Brunch. Again a very nice feeling overall.
As we entered, the restaurant manager warmly welcomed us and helped us get seated.
The gol-guppa/pani-puri was good. The appetizers/starters were very good except the chilly bajji which was toooo hot. I went with the usual impression that it is either bajji chilli/molaga or the one treated in tamarind water to make it less hot, but it was neither. Took a while to get my tongue back to normal. There were six gravies, all tasted good, mixed vegetable, dal makhni, and panneer were very tasty. Buter roti and naan were served on the table, quite quick and fast service. There was the other section with cold dahi chats, juices, desserts. Too full to taste the chat, had a berry juice, it was good. Gulab jamun was very good. Kids and myself got tattoo painting done and it was some extra fun after food. Mr. and Mrs. Arora as usual were there to say a hello and enquire if everything was ok and that personal touch is definitely a USP for this place.
I would definitely go back again and recommend it to friends.

Visited May 2013

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Visited with family for lunch after hearing about this place through the Chennai Food Guide group. A very nice place in Velachery for vegetarian Punjabi food. The only other place with similar cuisine in Velachery is Pind, but this place is alltogether in a different league.

A lovely ambience, warm service and very tasty food. Enjoyed our meal here, we opted for the sit-in buffet and it was good. I am told that the Sunday Brunch is wonderful and not to be missed, but havent tried that yet.

Will definitely recommend it to friends and visit again.

Visited April 2013

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