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Inamkulathur Biryani, Trichy

A wonderful trip to Kodaikanal with my classmates from school, and we managed to cover three significant Biryani places during this trip! Quite a few of my friends are from Trichy and they are quite familiar with the places in and around Trichy, especially the ones that serve mouth-watering Biryani.

On the way to kodaikanal, we got Biryani parcels from Dindigul Venu and finished it during the journey. Needless to say after a couple for beers and drinks, quite hungry, the biryani tasted absolutely wonderful. I shall not elaborate any further as this post is meant to highlight another place known for its Biryani ๐Ÿ™‚ We stayed in Kodaikanal for a couple of days and on the way back, headed straight to Dindigul Ponram for Biryani parcels, just to get a feel of the taste. This is another famous place for tasty Biryani. They have two outlets, one inside the town and another one on the highway so people do not have to make a detour to taste their yummy biryani! It was also very tasty and between the two, we liked Dindigul Venu better !
Now coming to what the post is actually about ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Biryani from Inamkulathur’ !!! My friends have been here quite a few times and even before the start of the trip, it was decided that we would eat here on the way back as it was supposed to be a Sunday, and we couldn’t wait to get there ! The place Inamkulathur should be less than 20 KM from Trichy and we had no problems reaching there as the route was familiar to my friends. It was a small village and as we entered the village, I was surprised to see the queue of cars on the street where the shop was located. It was almost full and I must have spotted nothing less than 10-15 cars on one side of the road. Unfortunately I clicked the picture after we managed to get the parcel and it was easily 30 minutes and quite a few of them had left by then. We entered into a small shop which was doing brisk business. It was so busy that we had to literally wait for about 5-10 minutes for the owner to notice our presence. People were there for dine-in and for takeaway, more for the latter.
We got a few parcels and also packed Chicken Sukka along with that and headed to an open field under the shade of coconut trees. The entire stretch of the road heading to this village is like this and you can pretty much stop under any tree and pounce on your Biryani. In fact, there were so many cars parked all along the way and If you’re lucky, you’ll get a really shady tree ๐Ÿ™‚ Coming to the taste of the Biryani, it was very different, less spicy and a little bland but a nice aroma of the rice cooked in meat. Chicken sukka was good, but again, I would have liked it a little hotter. Guess they are a bit too reserved with using chillies. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This Biryani was very different in flavor compared to both Dindigul Venu and Ponram. Visiting a new place purely for the food in company of friends, a Sunday afternoon couldn’t get any better ! Overall, a wonderful Sunday lunch and we headed straight to Chennai after a brief stopover in Trichy !

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